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The Light My Site mobile app was developed by a management team with 23 years experience in the complex world of selling internet connectivity for providers like Verizon, Time Warner Cable, TWT and AT&T here in NYC. Beginning in 2010 this team of executives began to notice that NYC’s legacy network of DSL and T1’s was not adequately prepared to support the new advent of cloud enabled applications. Then in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the failure of NYC’s antiquated copper network infrastructure, the founders began a campaign to get key customer locations “Lit“ with Fast Ethernet fiber.

What they discovered was that the only way the ISP’s were working to accomplish this was the 20th Century model of knocking on doors and cold calling customers, which most 21st Century IT Managers don’t particularly enjoy. Additionally, there has never been a successful platform to ACCUARATELY detail all the available Fiber and cable providers in commercial spaces in the five boroughs on NYC.

Hence the concept of a simple mobile app and website, where users could accurately find all the ISP’s in any commercial space in NYC, order service with a few clicks of a button and register their site to get better connectivity when needed.

Light My Site is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, where our team of engineers, provisioning and customer support specialists work on every order placed with our ISP Partners.


The website and mobile app provides users with three basic functions around finding and ordering internet connectivity within office space around the greater New York City area.

  • Address based information on which high speed fiber and cable broadband providers are “Lit” building
  • Easy access to updated pricing schedules from all providers and the ability to instantly order services with automatic and live updates on their order.
  • The option to either start or join a “Co-op” of fellow building tenants who together require more robust fiber connectivity and as a collective have greater leverage with the ISP’s.


With cloud computing becoming the accepted platform on how businesses of all sizes work, compute, produce and backup their organizations data, a recent 2014 report by Gartner estimates that the bandwidth needs for businesses within a major US Metro has grown to 8.5 Times what it is was 10 years ago.

Bellwether business platforms like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Cisco Cloud Services and IBM all depend on robust download AND Upload throughput to function. Whereas parts of NYC like Midtown East and the Financial District have long had an abundance of fiber providers, they also are mostly made of Class A office space that comes with a high cost.

If NYC is to remain attractive to growing technology start-ups, there needs to be an easy way for these companies to create their own ecosystem of multiple cost competitive ISPs at their locations. The start or join a “Collective User Group” feature allows companies to do just that, and to approach these ISP’s not as a single small customer but as a group with substantial buying power.